Four Tips For Packing Furniture Into Your Moving Truck

26 July 2017
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When you think of packing a moving truck, the first thing that comes to mind is likely a stack of boxes. However, your furniture must make it into the moving truck, too, and thanks to its odd shapes and propensity for damage, it's actually harder to pack than your boxes. Here are four tips to safely and effectively packing your furniture into a moving truck.

Place the drawers towards the outside.

When putting a dresser or chest of drawers into the moving truck, always face the drawers towards the outside. This way, the wall will act as a barrier, preventing the drawers from opening completely and spewing their contents into the floor. If your drawers have delicate knobs, you may want to wrap them in some bubble wrap so they don't become damaged if the doors open and the knobs slam into the side of the truck.

Disassemble large tables.

It can be really hard to lift a big table into a moving truck, yet alone position it around everything else in the truck. So, disassemble large tables whenever possible. You can easily stack the legs on top of a blanket on the floor of the moving truck, and then place the flat table top against one of the sides of the truck.

Wrap everything in padding.

You never quite know what's going to shift in the moving truck if you take a corner too quickly. You don't want something to fly out of place and leave a huge ding in your dresser or buffet table. So, wrap each item in a moving blanket or padded moving cloth after it is in the truck. Most truck rental companies also rent moving pads, so you do not have to buy additional ones if you are short.

Use moving straps.

Moving straps are those tough, nylon straps that anchor to the inside of your moving truck. The proper way to use them is to wait until all of your furniture is loaded into the moving truck, and then wrap them around the furniture. Use one on each side of the truck. Tighten it until the furniture it is holding does not wiggle anymore.

As you can see, packing furniture safely into a moving truck is not always as simple as you'd hope. If you'd rather skip this struggle, consider hiring local movers to pack and transport your furniture and other possessions for you.