Storing Seasonal Clothes While Living In A Small Apartment? 3 Tips To Help You Organize

27 July 2017
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When you live somewhere that the temperatures vary drastically throughout the year, it's likely that you have a fairly large wardrobe with lots of different clothing options depending on the season. Keeping cool when the weather is warm requires very different clothing compared to the middle of winter, leading to you having a lot of clothing that you don't wear for much of the year. Instead of letting your drawers and closet overflow with clothes, it's a smart idea to look into renting a storage unit for seasonal clothing. The following tips can help you get your unit set up for clothing without any issues.

Clear Out Clothes You Don't Wear

Before putting anything into storage, it's a smart idea to consider getting rid of some clothing. The reason why you should do this is so that you're not wasting money on storing clothes that you don't even enjoy wearing. You could end up renting a larger storage unit then you really need when you have a lot of clothes you own, but don't wear. By donating or selling some of your less frequently worn clothing, you can rent a storage unit that is the precise size that you want.

Insist on Climate Control

Keeping your clothing clean and free of mildew is vital if you want to be able to comfortably wear your clothing when the season needs it again. In order to keep the clothing smelling fresh and free of any wear and tear while in storage, you need to make sure that the unit includes climate control. Some storage facilities charge extra for climate control, but it's a must-have feature when you're storing fabrics since they can be vulnerable to mildew and other issues.

Prioritize Organizing Features

Visiting your storage unit can be frustrating when it's messy and difficult for you to find any particular item. Instead of just tossing items into the storage unit, it's a good idea to bring some shelving to install in the unit. The shelving should allow you to place boxes onto them with the labels clearly facing out so that you can find what you need at a quick glance. This will help you feel good about knowing where your clothing is as soon as you visit your storage unit.

Taking your time to find clothing when the temperatur e is changing outside can be frustrating, but with a properly organized storage unit, you can find items without any trouble. Renting a storage unit can also help you free up more storage space in your own home.