3 Tips For Preparing Your Fish Before Moving To A New Home

3 August 2017
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While getting ready to move your aquarium to a new home, you may wonder about the ideal way to prepare your fish for the journey. If so, use the following three tips to help prepare your fish before transporting and setting them up in a new environment.

Perform Water Changes Every Day for a Week

When you normally take care of your aquarium, you probably change a portion of the water to remove any excess fecal material or organic debris. However, because you want the water as clean as possible before you move to ensure your fish's health is optimal, you will need to increase the frequency of these changes before moving day.

About a week before your expected moving date, perform your weekly water changes every day. For example, if you normally remove twenty percent of the dirty water and replace it with fresh water, do this once a day at the same time. This gives the water time to fully filter through the system and mix in with the remaining water.

Save the Last Water Change in a Bucket

On the last day before you move, save the water in a five-gallon bucket. Before you empty out the aquarium, you will be placing the fish in the water to transport them to your new house. Using water to which they have grown accustomed helps minimize the shock of the move. 

When selecting your bucket, make sure it was not previously used for any chemicals. If it was, thoroughly rinse it out as much as possible, or use another bucket. Any residual chemicals on the sides of the bucket will contaminate the water and possibly kill your fish.

Stop Feeding Your Fish a Couple of Day Before the Move

Along with ensuring your fish's environment is suitable, you also want to stop feeding them a couple of days before the move. If you try to move them while they are trying to process food, it could shock their systems and either make them very sick or kill them.

When moving day arrives, place your fish in the buckets right before you leave, then set up the aquarium as soon as you arrive at your new home. If you have any questions about moving your fish and aquarium, speak with a residential moving service, like NextView Moving, to see if they have any further tips or advice for making sure your fish stay healthy during the move.