Things To Do Before The Movers Arrive

8 September 2017
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Moving your family to a new home is hard work and stressful, but it can also be exciting. From the moment you know you are moving, you will be busy planning, making arrangements, and worrying. Once you have a new place to live and all the utilities arranged for, it is time to think about packing and cleaning. If you are hiring a moving company for most of the work, there are some things you should take care of before they arrive. To make moving day go smoothly, follow these tips.

Prohibited Items

The moving company should give you a list of things they are not allowed to pack and/or move for you. This will include hazardous items, pets, food, plants, and valuable items. Have these items already packed and in your car, or possibly move them before the movers arrive.

Specialty Items

You may have to have a specialty moving company for some of your belongings. If you have a piano, works of art, or expensive electronics, you may want to have them moved by a company that specializes in these items. Any large equipment will probably need a flatbed truck or trailer, and any livestock will need to be hauled in a special trailer. Talk to the company that will move these things to find out if they want to come after everything else is out of the house or take care of things first.


Make an inventory list for each room and have a duplicate of each one. Give a copy to the movers so they can mark the boxes as they pack them. If you are doing the packing, make a list of what is in each box. Put one copy in the box and keep the other for yourself. Be sure to label each box with the room it is going to. To help the movers, provide a map of the new house so they know where to take the boxes as they unload.

The smoother things go on moving day, the easier it will be to unpack and get things back to normal. If the movers are packing, be there to supervise, but let them do their job. If you are doing the packing, make sure it is all done the night before the move so you are not trying to work around each other. Once everything is out of the house, go to the new place to supervise the unloading. Have the furniture put in place and the boxes in the correct rooms, but you should probably do the unpacking yourself.