4 Problems You Can Run Into When Moving On Your Own

25 October 2021
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Have you decided to handle your upcoming move on your own, but want it to go as smoothly as possible? If so, you may run into a few problems along the way. Here are some issues that you may run into.

Not Having Enough Help

Moving on your own can't be done alone, since you'll need the help of friends or family members to do some of the heavy lifting. Do you have people that you can depend on to show up on your moving day ready to work? The last thing you want to have happen is people cancel at the last minute, leaving you without the manpower necessary to move those large pieces of furniture. There is only so much you can move on your own, and you'll want to ensure that whoever helps is committed to doing so.

Not Having Enough Packing Materials

Chances are that you're collected more stuff since the last time that you moved, which means that you have to move more than you did previously. Are you prepared for everything that you need to pack up your belongings into boxes, or to secure your large furniture items so that they don't get damaged? It's possible that you'll run out of packing materials and need to head out at the last minute to get more, which is going to slow you down significantly.

Not Having Enough Time

Do you have certain times that you need to be moved out of your current place and into your new one? You may have a lease that expires at noon and you need to be moved out completely, or reserving an elevator at your new place that starts at a certain time. Any delays in your move may cause you to miss deadlines, which cause unforeseen problems with those depending on you.

Not Knowing How to Drive the Truck

Handling your own move also means that you're going to be driving the moving truck as well. However, that moving truck may be more difficult to drive than you imagine. Not only are moving trucks incredibly large in size, but having them filled with all your home's contents means that you have a significant amount of weight behind you as well to deal with. In addition, larger moving trucks tend to have a manual transmission, which you may not be familiar with. This is why driving the moving truck yourself may be more than you bargained for. 

Seem like too much to deal with? Work with professional moves to take care of the move for you. Contact a moving company in your area for more information about local moving services.